14 Tiny Tweaks to Your Facebook Page That Make an IMMEDIATE Difference

We first read this post by Krissy Brady on Lori Taylors’ blog and felt it was a great compilation of Facebook tips to help BOOST your Facebook page almost immediately.   Social Media, by its’ very nature changes by the nano-second and there really is no such thing as ever knowing everything.  So it’s great to have a simple, concise breakdown of tips you can run through occasionally from some of the best Social Media Marketers around.  Having said all that, we felt this post definitely deserved to be passed along so here you go – learn, enjoy, share and thanks.

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No matter how long you’ve been running your brand’s Facebook page for, there’s always room for improvement.

It can be difficult to decipher exactly what changes you should make though, since what works for one brand might not work for another.

Or, a Facebook engagement strategy that’s new to you might be old news in the grand scheme of things. What’s an entrepreneur to do?

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place! Below are 14 timeless techniques to help your Facebook page grow and prosper:

1. Create an SEO-Friendly About Section

You should incorporate as much SEO-friendly text (i.e. heavy on keywords) in your “About” section. This area on a Facebook Page is the only one the site gives you to include a lot of text, and they present useful opportunities to improve your chances of being noticed by searches for some of your brand’s most important keywords, because in addition to the regular About section (which can include a company overview, general description, etc.), there is also space for basic information, contact information and more.

Crafting an SEO-Friendly Facebook Page
Website Magazine

2. Offer Exclusive Content

A Facebook page is unlikely to be the only presence you have on the Web. But in order to make your Facebook page more popular you should maintain a steady stream of content that is exclusive to Facebook. This can be anything as long as it hasn’t previously appeared anywhere else online. Think of it as a secret track at the end of a CD or an extra hidden away on a DVD.
Whatever form it takes it will give people a specific reason to visit your Facebook page.

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3. Offer a Variety of Content

Posting only text bores people. Try to mix in videos, photos, text updates, links, exclusive content, games, surveys, and coupons.

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4. Optimize Your Images

When you add photos to your Facebook Page, always add a caption describing the photo that also includes your relevant keywords. Whenever possible, include a link in the caption to the most relevant page on your blog or website. This builds links and also moves more fans that important step closer to your website to become a customer.

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5. Create Sticky Posts

By default, new posts are displayed at the top of the timeline and older posts are pushed down. However, you can take advantage of ‘Pin to Top’ feature to create a sticky post that will always be displayed at the top of your timeline above every other post. This can prove useful in several ways such as creating an introduction, promoting a special offer, or other relevant information.

Facebook Page – 10 Tips for Improving Your Fan Page
Social Media Today

6. Revolve Everything Around Your Fans

To get more comments, tailor your status updates to ask for your fans’ opinions, stories and even advice. The comments will float your post to the top of your fans’ news feeds, giving more fans the opportunity to interact.

5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fan Engagement
Social Media Examiner

7. Analyze, Rinse, Repeat

Analyze each post according to content — status update, photo, link to article or video. Analyze each post by time of day posted, and according to phrasing — plain status update versus a question. Also, document each post for the number of likes, shares and comments — or lack thereof. Figure out which posts are most successful for your page and then emulate them over and over.

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8. Use Clear Calls-To-Action

Would you like someone to comment, share, or “Like” your update? All you have to do is ask. Remember: People move fast online and there’s a difference between saying, “Here’s my new Page” and “’Like’ my new Page.” Your engagement rate will go up when you use a clear call to action.

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9. Keep Your Posts Short

Posts between 100-250 characters get 60% more Likes, comments and shares than longer posts.

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10. Share Quality Content by Others

What’s nice about Facebook is that when you share an article of another individual, you can create a notification and alert them about it.
Just write their name in the status, and Facebook uses the “mention” functionality to alert them.

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11. Encourage Community to Post Interesting Content

Timeline layout squeezes all fans posts into a square box which will only appear on your Timeline several weeks later. Good news is, now you can publish fan’s post instantly via the ‘Highlight’ or ‘Allow on Page’ option. Big plus for engagement and community-building on Page!

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12. Allow Replies to Comments

Facebook has just made it possible to reply to individual comments on your page, and to have these threaded, rather than having to reply to ‘everyone’ who’s commented on one of your posts. The most popular threads will be automatically shown at the top. This is could be a great feature, although there are some doubters that feel it might be over complicated; time will tell.

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13. If Scheduling Posts, Learn Your Highest Traffic Times

Choose a reliable stat service that shows the highs and lows of your traffic, and based on it, publish posts at specific hours in the day to see which get the best results. This year, I began using Clicky because it is easy to access information. One the features that I like is: it shows the number of traffic per hour, which gives me a line chart of the whole day on the website.

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14. Consistently RE-Engage

It is one thing to ask questions to your fans on Facebook, or to share compelling content that warrants comments, questions, etc. – but it is entirely different for you to RE-engage your community by responding to each comment and question. It is this re-engagement of your community that will keep them coming back, helping them to build stronger loyalty to your brand. Oh… and all of this will help you to rank higher in the algorithm.

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Are there any Facebook page changes you’d add to this list? Feel free to share your insights below!


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